What You Can Do

Our goal is to increase community-based resources to escalate the economic vibrancy of the Newmarket area. With your help, in the coming months and years, we plan to:

Work with city and state government and other local stakeholders to develop an incentive program that encourages developers and business owners to expand or locate a new industrial/commercial business in Newmarket, resulting in enhanced economic development and more jobs.

Create a web-focused job database of local employment opportunities and an outreach process that insures that these job postings reach job searchers within the local community.

Increase involvement with local universities and job training centers to train current employees in value-added areas, increasing potential for career growth. Specifically, to offer frequent educational events (Microsoft Office, social media, marketing, sales, management, general business skills) at little or no charge.

Develop a marketing plan and materials promoting the Newmarket District to potential employers, with the goal of encouraging developers and industrial/commercial companies to consider the area for new businesses or expansion.

Facilitate grants and other incentives to encourage Newmarket businesses to hire local residents and at-risk populations, and connect these businesses with local training programs that work with these potential employees.

Your contribution enables Newmarket Community Partners to create new jobs, new opportunities and educate employees so that they can better their financial position. Please donate.

What your gift can do

Your contribution can help create economic growth and value-added change to one of Boston’s historically most economically challenged neighborhoods, through new jobs and new opportunities to increase economic prosperity within the Newmarket District. Why give?