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What Your Gift Can Do

When you donate to Newmarket Community Partners, your gift makes a real difference. We are committed to creating economic growth and value-added change to one of Boston’s historically most economically challenged neighborhoods. Your gift enables us to create NEW jobs, NEW opportunities and EDUCATE employees so that they can better their financial position.
Here is how.


A Vibrant Industrial Newmarket

Newmarket is dotted with vacant and underutilized properties that were once strong industrial businesses that left the area due to rising costs. By working with our state and local government to create incentives for industrial businesses to expand and or locate into this area, we are stimulating the growth of long-lasting, sustainable-wage jobs in the Newmarket area, particularly for those living in the surrounding neighborhoods and along the Fairmont Corridor. Your donation will help us to make this goal of attracting new businesses and jobs to the Newmarket area a reality.

Additionally, Newmarket Community Partners is committed to developing a marketing plan to promote the Newmarket District to potential employers. Our goal is to educate and encourage the owners of industrial/commercial companies to consider the Newmarket district for new businesses or expansion. Newmarket currently is home to over 15,000 employees, approximately 10,000 of whom who live in the City of Boston. Planning experts estimate that the Newmarket District has the potential to provide an additional 15,000 jobs. If you want to help us in our goal to facilitate this job growth, please donate.


Providing the Tools for Growth and Prosperity

For an entry or lower level employee, relevant training and classes such as a simple Microsoft Office course, classes in social media, marketing, sales, management, or even general business skills, can make the difference in their ability to be considered for a higher paying job. Want more employees to get this help? Please help.


Will your gift make a difference? Absolutely!

Growth of Newmarket businesses committed to the long term prosperity of the surrounding neighborhoods will also contribute to improving the local quality of life for those who live and work in the area.
The return on your investment will be evident through the reduction of crime, increased ability of employees to spend in the local economy, and improved financial security for those employed in new jobs.


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For more information, contact Newmarket Community Partners via email or phone: 617-445-3445.
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