Our Initiatives

In addition to working on the above initiatives, our goal is to increase community-based resources to escalate the economic vibrancy of the Newmarket area and its surrounding neighborhoods. 
By creating and protecting good paying jobs that are available to local residents, we can insure that those residents do not fall victim to gentrification. 
In other words… if something is being made in Newmarket, it is being made by someone who is making it in and around Newmarket!

Our areas of focus include:

  • Working with government & financing partners to develop incentives around local hiring that encourage developers and business owners to locate/expand industrial/commercial businesses in Newmarket.
  • Working with local partners to train current Newmarket area employees in value-added areas, increasing their potential for career growth.
  • Working in Partnership with The Base and Roka to insure that the young people of our local community have every opportunity to work at good paying, long-term jobs in Newmarket District businesses.
  • Supervising our Jobs Specialist whose mission is to find meaningful employment or workforce training for those seeking employment who live along the Fairmount Transit Corridor.
  • Advocating on the State level for increased rapid transit on the Fairmount Indigo Train Line.  There currently exists a lack of transit equity here and this Corridor, most in need of rapid transit, has the poorest level of service in the entire MBTA service area.


Your contribution enables Newmarket Community Partners to create new jobs, new opportunities and educate employees so that they can better their financial position. Please donate.

What your gift can do

Your contribution can help create economic growth and value-added change to one of Boston’s historically most economically challenged neighborhoods, through new jobs and new opportunities to increase economic prosperity within the Newmarket District. Why give?