“Newmarket Community Partners is about neighbors helping neighbors. Particularly in this time of uncertainty, it is important we remember that in a world where we can be anything, be kind!”
Sue Sullivan, Executive Director

We need your help! Volunteers and Supplies Needed!

Urgent Request…Calling all volunteers for help!

Boston Public Health, the Pine Street Inn, The Greater Boston Food Bank and others are in desperate need for volunteer help. 

Some of the areas need help in packaging food  and other necessary items, and others need help with driving supplies from location to location. 

These volunteer efforts do not involve direct contact with others and are considered an essential service under the Governor’s new ruling.


The Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB), our partner hunger-relief agencies, and our volunteers are exempt from the advisory. This exemption is based on federal guidance and has been amended to reflect the needs of Massachusetts’ unique economy.  We continue to ask for volunteers who are healthy and can help with our critical mission while adhering to social distancing and other guidelines from local, state and federal sources. “

They have asked for our help! 

Sue Sullivan is coordinating a lot of these volunteer efforts.

If you are willing to help over the next few weeks, please send Sue an email at suesullivan@newmarketboston.org and put volunteer in the subject line and give her your name, phone number and email address.  She will be sending out info to everyone with the details of the specific volunteer needs.


In addition… they need clothing, blankets, toiletries, boxed snacks and numerous other items.  If you would like to donate any of these items, please contact Sue and she will get drivers to come by and pick them up from you.   

If you would like to help with this, but would rather donate and have someone else pick up the items……    Donations can be made by clicking the DONATE button above.  Also… please note, on the donate page, it looks like a comma in the giving amount.  Ignore that… it is actually a period and will calculate as a period.  (for example… a $25. donation will look like 25,00 –  Don’t worry… it wont deduct 25K. )

Any donation is helpful…none are too small.



How You Can Help

Your donation enables us to create economic growth and value-added change to one of Boston’s most economically challenged neighborhoods, through new jobs, workforce development and new opportunities.

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